The Flagship Beers

Bolt 117

An American take on a German Dortmunder Export Style lager. This beer is fermented cold and aged cold to provide a clean and crisp flavor. It is hopped with traditional “Noble” hop varieties to provide a subtle spicy hop flavor, complimenting a malty finish. Malts: 2 Row, Vienna Kettle Hops: Hallertau Aroma Hops: Hallertau 

5.2% ABV and 25 IBUs 

Per Bottle- $2.50 

Per-6 Pack- $10.50 

Heron Ale

 As Pale Ales should, this Heron Pale Ale has a Pale malt profile to it and displays a mellow amber island sunrise when held to the light . Flavor profile dominated by Alpha forward Challenger, CTZ (Centennial/Tomahawk/Zeus blend) and Soriachi Ace Hops. Your aromatic sensors (nose) will capture hints of sweet citrus almost tangerine like.  Also aggressively dry hopped with fists full of Soriachi Ace hops rendering a hop finish on the palate with hints of pine and orange rind zest.

ABV = 5%

IBU = 69

Per Bottle- $2.50 

Per 6 Pack- $10.50 

Wattaquadock Wheat (SOLD OUT)

This is a traditional Bavarian Style Hefeweizen, brewed with un-malted wheat and 6 row barley to obtain the hazy unfiltered quality of a traditional Belgian Wit. Wheat is aged on dried chamomile and sweet orange peel to add a little spice and sweetness to this classic, easy drinking wheat ale. Our lightest offering.

4.8% ABV and 18 IBUs 

Per Bottle- $ 2.50 

Per 6-Pack- $10.50 

Nashoba IPA (SOLD OUT)

Well balanced IPA with malt and hop flavors present.  Bitter at the back end with floral aromas from two rounds of dry hops.  

Hops: Sorachi Ace, Cascade

7% ABV 

65 IBU

Per Bottle- $2.50 

Per 6-Pack- $10.50

Seasonal Beers

Riverboat IPA

A well rounded malt bill with dextrin and munich style malts for a biscuity/bread character and caramel crystal malts for added sweetness combine to produce a  Rich golden to  Bright polished copper color,
Tettnang and Centennial hops in the boil contribute to a hint of white pepper on the back of the pallet,
while dry hopping aggressively with Nugget hops contribute a mild piney  aroma,
This is more in the vein of an English Strong IPA, not an American or NE IPA.


 Dunkel means dark in German Traditionally made for the winter season and stronger than the summer wheat beers
Made with dark roasted malts imparting subtle chocolate flavor and the large amount of wheat used in the mash give it a crisp and slightly tangy finish like its summer cousins  

7% ABV and 18 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50

"Mali" Summer Stout (SOLD OUT)

We brew this stout to be robust, yet smooth for the summer months. We use a generous amount of oats to provide a silky smooth mouthfeel, balanced by the bitterness of Roasted Barley and American hops. Look for flavors of coffee, chocolate, and vanilla.  

6.0% ABV and 45 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50
Per 6-Pack- $10.50 

Imperial Stout

A high alcohol stout made with large portions of Chocolate Malt and Roasted Barley, giving this beer a deep black color and bitter chocolate flavor. We age this beer on oak to provide additional flavor complexities.

8.5% ABV and 85 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.90

Per 6-Pack- $11.61

Session IPA (SOLD OUT)


American malts paired with American hops blended to create a refreshing, yet robust New England style Session IPA bursting with floral and citrus hop notes.      

Kettle Hops: Sorachi Ace, Summit

Dry Hops: Citra 

5% ABV and 70 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50


Lively, fruity with a hint of smoke perfect for this time of year

11% ABV

Per Bottle- $16.00

Fusion Beers

Blackberry Ale

Crafted with the help of our winery, this limited release fills your summer days (and glass) with the taste of rich blackberries.  Mildly sweet, yet refreshingly tart- an ideal beer for the start of summer. Nugget and Hallertau Blanc hops for  floral and fruity finish.  Pilsner malt and a touch of wheat.

6% ABV and 18 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50

Blood Orange Ale (SOLD OUT)

Transparent orange ale with a nice orange aroma. Tastes of smooth American Ale, nice blood orange finish, and a hint of citrus rind. Low bitterness, medium body, and medium carbonation reminiscent of an adult creamsicle. 

6% ABV and 20 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50 

Pumpkin Ale #5

The seasonal favorite! Well balanced blend of pumkin and warm seasonal spices. 

6% ABV and 20 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6- Pack- $ 10.50

Rhodium (SOLD OUT)

Bolton Beer Works premium beer, Rhodium brings together the artistry of brewing and wine making with a culinary infusion. Beer at the start and a sweet locally grown Muscat grapes at the finish. Top it all off with a hint of honey and saffron.

6% and 20 IBUs

Per Bottle- $ 

Per 6- Pack- $ 

Oaktoberfest (SOLD OUT)

Our fall festival beer is a traditional German Marzen style lager. We blend four different malts to provide a full bodied flavor. We aged this beer on light toast American oak to lend subtle flavors of vanilla and wood, perfectly complimenting a caramel maltiness. 

6.8% ABV and 28 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50

Blueberry Ale (SOLD OUT)

A light and refreshing ale, with a hint of blueberry from real blueberries. 

5.4%-ABV and 22 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50

Fusion Beers Cont.

Key Lime Ale (SOLD OUT)

An ale fit for Summer! No need to add the lime, because we have done it for you! Refeshing yet bold, Bolton Beer Works Key Lime Ale is sure to please.

6% ABV and 18 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.90

Per 6-Pack- $11.61

Orchard Honey Ale (SOLD OUT)

A medium bodied English brown ale brewed with Wildflower Honey. Balancing sweet wildflower honey and earthy hops. We combine locally grown and imported malts to produce a chesnut-hued ale of unusual complexity. Notes of light chocolate with a very subtle honey finish makes for an enjoyable and approachable ale.

5.6% ABV and 15.6 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.50

Per 6-Pack- $10.50 

Scottish Heavy Ale (SOLD OUT)

Brewed with candied beet sugar providing a deep, sweet, and full-bodied ale. Wonderful noted of malty caramel along with a well roasted malt flavor. Respectfully low bitterness with a sweet finish and creamy, lingering head. 

8.8% ABV and 28 IBUs

Per Bottle- $3.20

Per 6-Pack- $13.53

Local Smoke #6

German for Smoke, Bolton Beer Work's newest "Rauch"bier is what local beer should taste like! Campfires of Summer and Fall have nothing on this lager. 20% of the malt was smoked over cherry wood, to impart smoky flavor. This lager is robust, assertive and imparts a unique smokiness that is perfect for the coming seasons.

7% ABV and 58 IBUs

Per Bottle- $3.55

Per 6-Pack- $13.95