The Flagship Beers

Bolt 117

An American take on a German Dortmunder Export Style lager. This beer is fermented cold and aged cold to provide a clean and crisp flavor. It is hopped with traditional “Noble” hop varieties to provide a subtle spicy hop flavor, complimenting a malty finish. Malts: 2 Row, Vienna Kettle Hops: Hallertau Aroma Hops: Hallertau 

5.2% ABV and 25 IBUs 

Per Bottle- $2.50 

Per-6 Pack- $10.50 

Heron Ale (SOLD OUT)

 As Pale Ales should, this Heron Pale Ale has a Pale malt profile to it and displays a mellow amber island sunrise when held to the light . Flavor profile dominated by Alpha forward Challenger, CTZ (Centennial/Tomahawk/Zeus blend) and Soriachi Ace Hops. Your aromatic sensors (nose) will capture hints of sweet citrus almost tangerine like.  Also aggressively dry hopped with fists full of Soriachi Ace hops rendering a hop finish on the palate with hints of pine and orange rind zest.

 5% ABV and 69 IBU's   

Per Bottle- $2.50 

Per 6 Pack- $10.50 

Wattaquadock Wheat (SOLD OUT)

This is a traditional Bavarian Style Hefeweizen, brewed with un-malted wheat and 6 row barley to obtain the hazy unfiltered quality of a traditional Belgian Wit. Wheat is aged on dried chamomile and sweet orange peel to add a little spice and sweetness to this classic, easy drinking wheat ale. Our lightest offering.

4.8% ABV and 18 IBU's 

Per Bottle- $ 2.50 

Per 6-Pack- $10.50 

Nashoba IPA

 Brewed as a straight up american IPA, we took a turn down hoptown lane and added one pound per barrel each of Summits and Nugget hops after primary fermentation was complete to add the "skunk" "garlic"  "pungent"character to the nose and back of the palate. This is not a heavy or filling beer, although it may seem so with the big musty flavour profile 

  7% ABV and 68 IBU's  

Per Bottle- $3.00

Per 6-Pack- $12.60

Seasonal Beers

Double IPA

The Nashoba Double IPA is a beer for big beer drinkers. Visually it takes on sunset hues of gold, straw and glowing amber. Bring a pint to your nose and wake up a spicy tangerine aroma. On the front of the palate savor the tangerine/citrus character with a bite of the rind, let it roll over the tongue and take in some mild malt sweetness. Put this beer all together, although it showcases a bold hop character, it is not over the top, you have something to enjoy all day, all weekend or simply all the time.

This is a solid beer for those whose enjoy full hop and malt flavor!

8% ABV 72 IBU'S

Per Bottle- $3.50

Per 6-Pack- $14.70

New England IPA

 This beer is hazy and may even have hop bits, but it's produced that way on purpose. The haze comes from the generous amount of wheat and dextrin malts in the grain bill. Brewed with a large dose of Citra at the beginning of the boil to achieve the high 82 IBU, then very aggressively dry hopped with over 2 lbs. per barrel with the classic combination of Simcoe and Citra hops to give it that juicy citrusy nose and flavor. 

7% ABV and 82 IBU's

Per Bottle- $3.75

Per 6-Pack- $15.75

Golden Pilsner

 Styled after a classic Vienna Lager style, this beer is crisp, dry and refreshing. Golden straw in color like the sunsets over the Bavarian fields of wheat and barley which made this style a favorite among locals. Modest use of Noble hops contribute to the dry almost acrid finish on the back of the palate.

44 IBUs

5% ABV

Per Bottle- $2.50
Per 6-Pack- $10.50 

Imperial Red IPA

This beer is a Malt monster, yes a big beefy malt flavor. A big 9% beer such as this Imperial Red IPA calls for a large malt bill featuring sweet caramel malts and a touch of roasted chocolate malt to subdue the high alcohols. Generous hop additions give it a nice bitter punch while also imparting a lemon grass and fresh sliced apricot aroma and flavor.

This beer pairs well with steaks and burgers.

9% ABV 87 IBU'S

Per Bottle- $3.50

Per 6-Pack- $14.70

Session IPA (SOLD OUT)

Session IPA by definition is an IPA brewed at a lower alcohol level for increased "quaff-ability".  That is what we tried to get to with this offering. On the nose there are subtle notes of pine and citrus and a hoppy citrus punch on the palate similar to a full strength IPA, this Session beer is a great offering.  With an ABV of only 5%  this beer is great for the all day consumer. 

5% ABV 

Per Bottle- $2.75

Per 6-Pack- $11.55


Lively, fruity with a hint of smoke perfect for this time of year

11% ABV

Per Bottle- $16.00

Seasonal Beers Cont.

Belgian Style Double (SOLD OUT)

 Our Belgian Double is designed as a malt forward beer. Following a traditional Belgian recipe utilizing more than 10% of a trademark malt called Carabelge in the mash bill. Couple that with another tradition of adding lemon and orange peel halfway through the boil and we present a crisp and refreshing Belgian Ale that will satisfy the palate of even the most refined beer drinker. 

6.0% ABV and 24 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.75

Per 6-Pack- $11.55

Riverboat IPA (SOLD OUT)

 A well rounded malt bill with dextrin and munich style malts for a biscuit character and caramel crystal malts for added sweetness combine to produce a Rich golden to Bright polished copper color,
All Centennial hops in the boil contribute to a hint of white pepper on the back of the pallet.
This is more in the vein of a Traditional English IPA. 

7% ABV and 78 IBUs

Per Bottle- $2.85

Per 6-Pack- $11.97